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Small Business Tips for Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

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Seven things you can do right now to adapt your business’ marketing strategy

Sole traders and small business owners may find their current strategies and processes aren’t converting in the new climate. It’s time to rethink the customer experience and ensure your strategies are still working to serve customer needs.

Update, update, update

First things first, be sure to start with the basics; updates. Add updates to your website, social media and Google listing to acknowledge changes to your business or let your customers know it’s business as usual.

Reassess your messaging

Next, think about whether you need to adapt your communications. Do you need to change your messaging to better communicate the benefits of your product or service now and in the future?

Rethink your target audience

Should you be targeting a new audience that may need your product or service now (but perhaps didn’t previously)?

Reconsider your marketing channels

Do you need to consider new social media platforms or other business tools? Is it time to start a targeted Facebook group, new Instagram or LinkedIn account?

Add Value

Look for ways to add extra value for your clients or customers. Create signs or guides that provide helpful tips to further assist your customers during this time.

Throw in a freebie

Offer free online consultations to discuss how your business is managing COVID-19 health risks and how your daily operations have been adapted. Take the opportunity to explain how the changes may affect them as a customer and what they can expect when adopting your product or service now. This is particularly important for existing customers, they need to be informed of how things have changed.

Refresh your Marketing

Finally, refresh or create new marketing materials (like flyers, brochures or signage). Let your customers what you’re doing to manage the effects of COVID-19.

In the age of COVID-19, it’s time to rethink and look for new ways to offer value to your customers. Just remember, start with the basics!

Thanks for reading and all the best with adapting your business’ marketing strategy! Any questions? Please comment below.

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