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Six Causes for Writer’s Block and How to Overcome Them

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As a small business owner, there are many instances you’ll find yourself needing to write material for your business. You may not think of yourself as a writer but when it comes down to it, you are! Business owners often need to write everything from business plans, menus, customer relations, social media posts, blogs and more – at times it’s difficult to find the words.

Here are some tips to help with your next writing challenge


Have you defined your reason for writing your material in the first place? Is it to help your customers or promote your business? Perhaps it’s a combination. Once you have clearly defined your purpose and what you hope to achieve with your writing, it will become easier. Include your purpose at the top of your page, the format (blog, flyer, social media post, etc.) and where your writing will appear (your website, Facebook, magazine, etc.). Each time you feel stuck on a word or sentence, refer back to this.

Lack of Research

A lack of research is detrimental to any writing. Do you know the topic? Without a solid foundation to base your writing, it’s almost impossible to begin. Start from the beginning – get back to basics! Be sure to read a few articles on your chosen topic before you begin. This will provide inspiration and reveal content already out there. You may choose to avoid or include what you find in your research. Start with at least the first page of Google!


Just write. Stop thinking. Don’t analyse or edit before you’ve even written a first draft. Just write! I like to start with the ‘stream of consciousness’ technique to kick-start any copy. In this technique, you write with an unedited and continuous flow. And, as the name suggests, write whatever comes to mind. This can help to extract useful terms or words you may want to use in your final copy. Or, it can highlight what you want to avoid. Either way, a stream of consciousness is a great place to start.


Are you stressed out or not in the best mood? This could be why you’re struggling to find the words. Before you sit down to write, complete a mindfulness or meditation exercise. Try a workout, watch an episode of your favourite show, read a book or call a friend. Do whatever you need to unwind. Then, start your first draft.


Is the TV on? Is your favourite podcast or playlist blaring in your ears? Are you in your office or your lounge room? We all have different preferences. One man’s distraction is another man’s inspiration. Experiment. Use field tests to find your happy place.


Are you in too deep? Perhaps the reason you’re having trouble getting your thoughts on paper is because you’re too familiar with the topic. You may be unable to be objective or share alternative views. To refresh your perspective of any topic, try playing devil’s advocate. Seek out opposing views – try a Google Search or an argumentative friend. The goal is to overcome your writer’s block by gaining a new perspective to explore in words. Good luck!

Thanks for reading and all the best with your next writing challenge! Any questions? Please comment below.

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