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Marketing Resources for Proactive Small Business Owners

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Welcome to the Secret Sources Series

A series of posts revealing my favourite resources for small business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs. Today, I’ve provided a quick breakdown of my go-to marketing resources that any proactive small business owner will love. Needless to say, these are extremely valuable resources that offer stats, informative blog posts and more helpful resources.

Top Marketing Resources


Hubspot provide expert inbound marketing tools. My favourite Hubspot tool is their free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email marketing, which I use on this site. Their blog covers sales and marketing tips, strategies. It also offers free PDF downloads including templates, guides and stats.


Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool. It allows users to create a calendar of social media posts and schedule them ahead of time. They give away so much incredible content! They have practical templates and spreadsheets to help with developing and scheduling content. If you’re interested in learning more about the greater digital landscape and how people around the world use the web, make sure you take a look at their report ‘The Global State of Digital 2021.’

Very Good Copy

This is another great resource for those wanting to improve their writing. Very Good Copy is a newsletter written by Eddie Shleyner – this guy is a genius. Eddie’s ‘Learn to Persuade’ emails provide insights and tricks for ‘copywriting, content marketing, and psychology.’ You can subscribe to his newsletter via the link above.


Eventbrite is a free event listing tool. They also have a blog that offers valuable tips and ideas for event planning, event marketing and more.

Update: During COVID-19, Eventbrite have ramped up their coverage of online events. They’re blog offers virtual event ideas for those struggling to keep customers engaged during lockdown.


And finally, here’s one last marketing resource that should be on your radar. Grammarly is a free online writing tool. Their blog is also a valuable marketing resource. It has ‘how tos’, grammar tips and writing inspiration. If you want more, Grammarly’s social media accounts are also worth a look.

Recommend resources

Do you have any recommendations for marketing resources? Are you a small business owner or sole trader with a go-to list of resources? We’d love to hear about it – leave a comment below.

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Thanks for reading and all the best with exploring these marketing resources! Any questions? Please comment below.

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