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How to Get Your New Small Business Started

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A List of Questions to Help you Develop the Direction of your New Venture

So, you’ve come up with an idea for a new business but aren’t sure how to get started. As a rule, starting a new business can feel a bit like the ‘chicken or the egg’ debate. What comes first – the brand or the products? Therefore, as a small business owner, you may want to cut straight to the hard questions that will help you solve this.

In the interest of time, I’ve developed a list of questions which I use with clients to help them realise the vision of their new business. In short, your answers to these questions will help develop your new brand and prompt you to think about what it will look like. Also, they’ll help you understand your business’ direction.

Ultimately, this information can be used to build a marketing strategy that best aligns with your new vision.

Start with the Business Foundations

  • When will you officially launch your new business?
  • What products and services will the business offer?
  • What’s the price range of your products/services?
  • What do you want the new business to be best known for?
  • What made you want to start this business?

Establish Business Goals

  • What do you want to achieve with this business?
  • Short-term Goals:
  • Long-term Goals:

Assess Your Competitors

  • List your competitors:
  • What do you offer that’s different to your competitors?
  • Does your business fulfill a specific gap in the market?

Describe Your Brand’s Personality

  • What existing brands do you like that inspire you?
  • If your new business/brand was a person, what words would you use to describe its personality?
  • How do you want people to feel when they experience/come across your business?

Find Your Ideal Customer

Next, describe your ideal client. If you could choose your ultimate client, what would they be like?

  • What’s their age, gender, occupation?
  • What life problems do they have (small or significant)?
  • What do they like to do in their spare time?

Thanks for reading and all the best with your new venture! Any questions? Please comment below.

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